My Holy Land Experience, Part 2.

Hey guys, day two is here! So this morning we left the hotel at around 7:30AM, the drive was to be three hours, one way. We were scheduled to visit Petra, Jordan for the day. To be exact, that is Al Khazneh or The Treasury at Petra located in Ma’an Governorate, Jordan. This site is not mentioned in the Bible, in any case, today was more for history.

For those unfamiliar, you can visit Wikipedia for information on Petra.

Our beloved Senior Pastor Albert Clavo, exiting the hotel.

After the three hour drive we walked and waited a bit at a guest-house until the entire team was ready to go again. Some of the group decided to take a horse-drawn carriage for the four kilometer journey, but I, of course, chose to walk. I wanted to savor every moment of the journey!

A Wide shot of the Guest-house at Petra.

Immediately on the on-set of the walk you will notice structures made of rock protruding out of the ground, these are actually tombs! What is amazing about these rock carvings and formations is that even if directly under the sun’s heat the rocks remains cool, not ice cold but a comfortable kind of cool.

The tombs along Petra.

We had to walk under the sun for about a kilometer and then we arrived at an entrance of a narrow path that leads to the treasury. The sight of it is phenomenal, these pictures don’t give it justice! It was breathtaking. Personally, didn’t even notice the entire four kilometer journey because I was just astounded by all the sights!\

The entrance to a narrow path carved through the canyon of Petra.

Below you’ll see some shots I took on the way to the treasury. It was so difficult to choose which shots to post, they were all breathtaking! I enjoyed every second of it!

The narrow path.

Just having a bit of fun!

We really are walking through a canyon.

A small rest stop through the path.

Finally, at the end of the long walk, the narrow opening leads to a huge area and there stands the castle-like structure carved directly into the canyon face. On the sides you will notice small folds in the rock where someone’s foot could actually step on, this place was hand-carved from top to bottom! The ladder-like structure was how they would climb from the sides to slowly carve this magnificent castle! It is amazing that the entire structure is intact and carefully protected from the elements.

Just check out the pictures below, it’s almost impossible to capture the true magnificence of the structure on camera!

The magnificent castle carved into the canyon face!

Taken from a different angle.

Mom and I at Petra.

Everything built so precisely, the detail and the design could even rival today’s architecture! Up next is a shot to give everyone some perspective as to how huge the structure was.

Team Lighthouse at Petra!

Well that is all for now, Day 2 closing. Tomorrow we depart for Israel, an hour drive to the border from Ammn, Jordan. The next 5 days will be more exciting – we will be walking where Jesus walked! I fully intend to give everyone following this blog series a front row seat at each location, more shots and more insights coming soon! Stay tuned!

God Is Great!

6 thoughts on “My Holy Land Experience, Part 2.

  1. I just realized, its more more more harder (redundancy intended, hehe) to NOT believe in Jesus knowing that there are really physical proofs of where He lived, walked and showed His miracles. Thanks for the pics Koya, I’m enjoying blog-stalking yer posts. Haha! Can’t wait for the Israel pics. 🙂

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